Apple releases the G5 iMac

Apple has really done it this time by releasing the new iMac with the G5 processor. This computer packs a lot of punch all into one little sleek design. I really like this design because it saves a whole lot of space, but the shear power of this computer is mind blowing. From what I’ve seen with the G5 iMac the prices look great as well, so not only will it save space in your home it will save space in your pocketbook too. For the 17″ display with a 1.6GHz processor it runs $1,299.00. For the 17″ display with a 1.8GHz processor it runs $1,499.00. Finally for the big 20″ display with a 1.8GHz processor it runs $1,899.00.’, ‘Before I got my first G4 iMac I never really knew much about Apple computers except their one button mouse really sucked. Now since I have my iMac I love it. It doesn’t matter what you are doing whether it be inputting photos, e-mailing friends, surfing the internet, creating web graphics, or even creating your own DVD?s, this computer runs smooth and is so stable. Not once have I ever had to troubleshoot a problem with it. In case you are concerned about it not being able to connect to a wireless router of a different manufacturer I currently have my iMac connected to my Linksys wireless router and it not only runs smooth, but at speeds of 54Meg. The elegance and design of the Apple iMac is just startling of how they make it work.

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