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What Did the Easter Egg Say to the Boiling Water?

The Longer You Look the More Questions You Have About This Tattoo

Payday Candy Changes Name

Flight to Shanghai

On the flight to Shanghai here are some sights along the way.

Definition of Stupid

Yoga Class Makes One Feel Calm and Centered

Nobody Likes Working With You

Funny Headstone

Come to the Bedroom for a Surprise

Nazi Germany and Present Day Russian Markings

Russia is trying to claim Ukrainians are the Nazis.

Shih Tzu vs Shit Zoo

Toll Roads Near Xi’an, China

Here are a couple toll roads near Xi’an. As you can see one looks traditional whereas the other looks more futuristic.

Airplane Baggage Weight Rule

Americans Want Regime Change More Than Russians Do

When You’re Gone and They Still Put You on the Duty Roster

Wife Asks if Her Friend is Pretty and Surprised by the Answer

Can we go to Hooters?

New Sex Toy Fad

White Claw Versus Busch Light

Woman Screams at Cat Beef Goes Way Back

COVID Conspiracy Theorists

Superhero Comparison?

CIA Business Seized by China

Seriousness of What Will Smith Reveals at the Oscars

Anyone who watched the Oscars in 2022 is fully aware of the “slap that was heard around the world” where Will Smith walked on stage and physically smacked Chris Rock for making a joke that he didn’t like. First and foremost this exposed our society where black on black violence occurs everyday and nobody did …

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