Do You Ever Get the Idea People Just Like to Screw With You?

Today I had to complete my vehicle registration because I received notice of it in the mail. I could have mailed it in, however I had to update some information so submitting it by mail would not have been suffient. Upon arriving at the city hall there was a line like 3 miles long. I guess that’s because it was the end of the month and other people had to get their vehicle registration in too. After waiting in line for about 45 minutes, I finally get up there and the lady says I need to provide additional documentation. I reviewed this vehicle registration notice and it didn’t say anything about additional documentation. So I had to go home and get the additional documentation. Then I had to drive back to the city hall. Then wait in line for what seemed like forever again. About this time when I made it to the front the price was not the same and what was on the vehicle registration notice. So then I had to go to the bank to get more money. Then I had to go and wait in line again, this time it was shorter, then finally when I got to the front. The lady took like 40 seconds to give me what I needed in the first place. It may not be true, but it just seems like people love to screw with me just to make their day more fulfilling.

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