High School Reunion

I recently received an e-mail from a girl I knew in high school. She was trying to get updated contact information and trying to find out if I’ll come to my high school reunion. It was neat to see some of the names listed on the contact list. She also sent out this e-mail saying, “Getting to know you.” I figured this was an ice breaker so everybody could start contacting each other. So I filled it out and sent it back to everybody on the contact list. Then the following day she sent another one. I hate these e-mails like this because thier whole intention is to clog an e-mail server. So I replied back saying that if you haven’t stayed in contact with people from high school, there was probably a good reason for it and these “Getting to know you” e-mails aren”t going to make up for lost time. Naturally she replied back saying that if I don’t want the e-mail then just delete it and that I shouldn’t reprimand when I reply back to everybody. I say, “the hell with that”. I don’t have to be politically correct anymore because I don’t have to be around you. Nice time is over! You should have gotten pleanty of nice time in high school. Now that high school is over, so is nice time. I don’t give a shit about who is doing what and who is making more money and stupid irrelevant stuff like that. I’m not out to please anybody, but myself. Call me selfish, but I don’t care. I’ll get you a nice warm glass of “Shut the hell up!” The thing is, the people I stayed in contact with from high school are the only people I really care to stay in contact with. These stupid e-mails aren’t going to make me like you any better now, especially if I didn’t like you in high school. That is just unwanted spam. So I added her to my black list and I don’t have to worry about her e-mailing me anymore.

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