Is Reverse Racism Culturally Accepted?

The subject of the “race card” has been way over played time and time again. Its probably because everybody is sick of hearing about how 20 year old punk kids were repressed for so many years simply because they were black. As well all know, that’s bullshit! That is just an angle that people know they can take and get away with it because it is such a contraversial topic. I say, “Get over it!” That, however is not the topic I came to talk with you about. The topic I wanted to discuss is reverse racism. What I mean when I say reverse racism is everything that happens and people get away with when there is no other race on the face of this planet who could get away with it. For example: Black Entertainment Television. For some unknown reason B.E.T is culturally accepted, however if there was a channel called Latino Entertaiment Television or even White Entertainment Television or any other race you want to throw in there, would be frowned upon and banned from any broadcast station for being racist.’, ‘So why do you think it is accepted to have a channel called B.E.T. aired on television when this is simply another form of racism? Is it because American television is trying to be too polically correct? For whatever the reason may be, I say that no form of racism whether it be reverse racism or not, should not be tolerated period.

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