Nancy Pelosi at the State of the Union Address

What was it that was stuck in Nancy Pelosi’s teeth during the State of the Union address? Was it a piece of chicken? Maybe a piece of spinach? Maybe she’s practicing tying a cheery stem with her tongue? Perhaps a piece of popcorn? Whatever it was she spent a great deal of time during the 1 hour and 20 minute speech messing with whatever was in her mouth. She must have been in a weakened state because of the experience. She spent so much energy messing with whatever was in her mouth that she had no energy left to applaud for any of the remarks that Donald J. Trump made during his speech. She was in such a weakened state that she couldn’t even scrounge up enough energy to rise to her feet. I certainly hope she has sought out professional help with whatever it was in her mouth because every time the camera pointed at her and she was making faces, it was about the equivalent as watching a dog lick it’s ass.

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