Punishment For US soldiers in Iraq for Abuse

It is going to be interesting to see what kind of punishment the soldiers in Iraq will get. The interesting thing won’t be the example the military is going to make out of them, but instead because they are enlisted soldiers, will they get imprisonment? This is interesting because we know the only thing US Navy did to Commander of the USS Greenville, Scott Waddle was forced him into early retirement and he killed 9 Japanese fishermen. The soldiers in Iraq only abused Iraqi prisoners and their punishment will probably be much greater. You can’t tell me that the enlisted soldiers who are going to be punished for abusing prisoners were the highest ranking in this scandal, but they will probably be punished much greater than anybody else.

What does that say about the US military and their rank structure? Does that mean they think enlisted are expendable? Does that mean their careers are valued much less than that of an officer? Don’t get me wrong, what they did was humiliating to the entire US as well as the Iraqi prisoners, but should they be punished worse than that of Scott Waddle who actually killed 9 people as well as sinking a ship and damaging a US submarine, while trying to impress some guests on his ship? His crime was much worse than theirs, but they will probably be punished much worse. This is just one of those things that should open your eyes and make you scratch your head

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