Qin Dynasty Terra-cotta Warriors Near Xi’an, China

The world famous Qin Shihuang’s Terra-cotta warriors and horse pits are situated 35 kilometers east of Xi’an.  It is a group of large scare burial pits of Qin Shihuang mausoleum.  Pit No. 1 was discovered in March 1974.  Pit No. 2 and 3 were discovered in April and May, 1976.  Pit No. 1 covers and area of 14260 square meters, contains about 6,000 pottery figures and 40 war chariots.  It is a rectangular battle formation, most of the members are infantry soldiers.  Pit No. 2 covers an area of 6,000 square meters, contains 89 war chariots, 356 chariot horses, 116 saddled horses and over 900 warriors.  It is a special battle formation consists of war chariots, calvary, and infantry.  Pit No. 3 covers and area of 520 square meters contains 68 warriors, a colorfully painted war chariot and 30 pieces of bronze weapons.  It seems the headquarter of the whole pits.  The three pits cover an area of more than 20,000 square meters, contains 8,000 warriors and horses.  The are famed for the most important excavation discover in the twentieth century and the eighth wonder of the world.

Here is a video from pit 1:

The following photos are from pit 1:

The following photos are from pit 2:

The following photos are from pit 3:

I know this is a lot of photos, however I wanted to share everything I had from this experience because I probably won’t be back to see it again. I can check this awesome experience off my bucket list.

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