Radio Station Took Suggestion

A person I work with showed me a website with photos of a person for a “Thong of the Day” and a “Babe of the Day.” Although this website had a great idea I have never listened to this radio station before. I do however listen to another radio station and they had a link to some local models in the area. So I shot them an e-mail with the suggestion they should put a “Babe of the Day” on their site with photos of their local girls instead of arbitrarily choosing a photo off the internet like the other radio station. Not long after I e-mailed them with my suggestion they posted exactly what I suggested on their website. They do have contests going on for people who make a good suggestion of how to make their website better the person who makes the suggestion can get a t-shirt, bumper sticker, or some other promotional item. Needless to say I didn’t get anything, not even an e-mail back acknowledging my idea. Fags!

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