Sifting Through Bookstore Bullshit

I went to the bookstore today and I was looking through the computer books. The thing I noticed when I was trying to find the right book was that there are a million books and half of them are about the same things, but just written by different people who are asking way too much for their books. These money hungry whores don’t seem like they are concerned about actually writing good material because by the time you sift through a 500 page book only about 50 pages contain information that is actually useful. That means you have to buy their whole series of books just to get the relevant information that you were looking for in just one book. Not to mention they mark the prices of the books up to about fifty bucks per book. I am no math genius, but when they say knowledge is power and they are charging 50 bucks per book, but only 10% of that book is relevant information that means you’re paying 90% of the total cost of the books for just bullshit.

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