Streaming Television Device

I have heard about a lot of people who are tired of paying high prices for cable t.v. or satellite t.v. have been making the switch to these devices which allow people to watch live t.v. that is being streamed. I asked how these devices aren’t illegal and they said it’s not illegal for several reasons.
1. You are the source of the stream.
2. You aren’t illegally downloading the content.

To me it still seems like something isn’t right because you’re getting copyrighted content for free. Technically you’re getting free content after you pay for the device. I looked around and found that Walmart is selling the devices and so is Target so it must not be breaking any laws. If you think about it, this is the way television is going anyway. It is going to Internet Protocol based and these content providers can reach a much larger market by catering to Internet television.

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