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Japanese Pig

I was playing around with the application called Procreate and drew this silly Japanese pig that says, “Boo Boo” instead of “oink oink.” Procreate was a very nice and intuitive application that I would like to play around with more to get the feel for it.

Message Authentication

Abstract The purpose of this document is to define message authentication, as well as, to identify different types of attacks that message authentication was designed to protect against. This document is intended for anybody looking to gain a basic knowledge or understanding of message authentication. Content A Message Authentication Code (MAC) is a short piece …

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Hardening OS X

[Abstract] The purpose of this document is to provide a basic understanding of operating systems and vulnerabilities with hardening practices for ensuring Apple’s operating system OS X is secured. Also included within this document are methods for ensuring that a web server is secured. [Content] “Every Mac is secure right out of the box,” thanks …

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Home Wireless Network Users Need to Properly Secure Their Networks From Threats

In recent years, technology has been rapidly developing. This development introduced us to the Internet, commercial networks, and even home networks to move towards using wireless networks. In America, home networks are the vast majority of users on the Internet. Since home networks are the majority of users on the Internet, you will learn about …

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