Donald J. Trump’s Presidential Address to Congress

Tonight I watched the Presidential address to congress and I have to admit that it was one of his better speeches. He didn’t seem to spew much of the rhetoric we heard on the campaign trail, but rather seemed to focus on what it would take to make America great again. One of my favorite lines was, “My job is not to represent the world, but to represent the people of the United States of America.” Some of the key issues he brought up was enforcing laws and supporting law enforcement officials. He brought up getting rid of Obama care and instead of government forcing people to purchase a government plan, they lower insurance costs so people can choose their own health care plans. A couple other key points are to create fair trade with other countries and lowering taxes on businesses. He also talked about getting rid of illegal immigrants with criminal records and keeping out immigrants that come from countries where proper vetting doesn’t take place in order to protect the safety of the American people. He also talked about America working with foreign countries to promote peace and prosperity throughout the world. He said the problems America is faced with are problems that we can solve and now is the time to dream big and bold for the success of the country.

This speech was about an hour long and from what I saw it was well received by the Republican party, but the Democratic party sat the majority of the time. There were several key points where everybody stood and clapped, but most of the time it was only the Republicans doing most of the clapping. I felt this speech was well delivered. It set a good tone and a good message to rebuild the infrastructure in the United States, bring back and encourage business growth, and ensure the safety of the American people. These are not bad values and they are not bad things to strive for. I look forward to seeing what accomplishments he is able to complete.

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