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Elderly Couple Accidentally Burns House Down During Sex Game Involving WW2 Flamethrower

Annual Yellowstone Bison Petting Competition Set to Begin July 15th

We Didn’t Start the Fire

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Goes Seasonal

Summer is Finally Here

AAFES No Longer Carries Vaping Products for Health Concerns

Japan Warns Russia Not to Bomb America

Earth Day 2022

Russian Operation Control Z

Russian Ship Becomes Submarine

COVID Conspiracy Theorists

Chris Rock’s Comeback After Will Smith Yells at Him at the Oscars

Chris Rock Looks at Will Smith After Being Slapped

The Pursuit of Slappyness

Slap Heard in Other Universes

Will Smith Multiverse Slap

Glad Chris Rock Didn’t Tell a Joke About Alec Baldwin’s Wife

The Fresh Prince of No Hair

Will Smith Smacks Chris Rock at the Oscars

Ukraine Farmer Steals Russian Equipment

Olympics are Over and Beijing’s Pollution Factories are Full Blast

As soon as the Winter Olympics are over in Beijing, China has started up their factories again and polluting is going full blast. Here is a photo of the sky just a couple days ago and then once the Paralympics are over now look at the weather forecast and look at what the sky looks …

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Ukraine Flag Standing Tall

Snake Island to Russian Warship

Stand With Ukraine

2022 Winter Olympics Hosted from Beijing, China

It’s been killing me that I’m so close to the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing and I can’t see anything in person because China has all the Olympic athletes in a bubble in order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  So I decided to drive over to the Olympic park to see how …

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The Perfect Valentine

Love is Finishing Each Other’s Sentences

Thought of the Day for Groundhog Day

Martin Luther King Day 2022

Pumping Gasoline in the South

Breaking News – Joe Biden Has Tested Positive