Despite the Score the Washington Redskins Beat the Dallas Cowboys

I don”t care what that final score was, the Washington Redskins beat the Dallas Cowboys. I”ll do a little recap for you. The first quarter (to set up Dallas”s first touchdown) Washington was called for a pass interference which was clearly offensive pass interference on Dallas. The Dallas receiver pushed the Washington cornerback down. That”s offensive pass interference! In the second quarter Joe Gibbs made a couple bad play calls when Washington had a 1st and goal on the 1 yard line. They ended up only scoring a field goal. So the score should have been 3 – 0 Washington at half time. Then Dallas scored 2 touchdowns in the 3rd quarter and Washington only scored 1. That put the game at 14 – 10 at the end of 3 quarters. Finally in the 4th quarter with about 8:30 seconds left on the clock Mark Brunell passed to Rod Gardner where he was clearly interfered with as the Cowboy cornerback held his jersey and once again a bad officiating call or shall I say a no call in this case. Regardless of that Washington scored a touchdown with about 4 minutes on the clock, followed by the 2 point conversion putting the Redskins 18 -14 over the cowboys. This game had some bad officating calls and even though the offical score was 21 – 18 cowboys lead. Washington got the ball back with 29 seconds on the clock and the final pass to Rod Gardner put the Redskins at the 34 yard line. Rod Garner, however could not get out of bounds when he caught the ball with 4 seconds on the clock when the time expired.’, ‘Washington looked better than they have in the past during this game. It took Mark Brunell a little time to get in a rythm, but once he did Washington was able to move the ball, as they showed in the final seconds of the game. It is truely sad to see bad officiating be the reason for the Cowboys victory.

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