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Ride the Wave: Dive into the Thrilling World of Boogie Boarding!

Ready for some ocean adventure? Look no further than boogie boarding, the thrilling water sport that’s taking the world by storm. Also known as bodyboarding, this popular activity involves riding a short, rectangular foam board on the waves of the ocean. It’s an accessible and exciting experience for people of all ages and skill levels. …

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Racing with Wings: The Fascinating World of Pigeon Fanciers

Pigeon racing is an engrossing sport that seamlessly combines animal husbandry, meticulous training, and intense competition, all designed to challenge the speed and navigational prowess of homing pigeons. The devoted individuals who engage in this sport, known as “pigeon fanciers,” invest significant effort in breeding and training their avian athletes to master skills like endurance, …

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Super Rugby Pacific Semifinal Wellington Hurricanes vs Waikato Chiefs

Game Changers: Navigating the Profitable Terrain of Sports

Sports have become a major source of profit in today’s society. From professional leagues to local recreational teams, the sports industry has expanded into a multi-billion dollar business. This trend can be seen in the increasing salaries of athletes, the lucrative sponsorship deals, and the rise of ticket prices for major sporting events. The concept …

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Jim Harbaugh Responds During Interview to Sign Stealing Accusations

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The South Eastern Conference Plays Weak Non-Conference Opponents to Boost Their Ranking

The SEC, or the Southeastern Conference, has been a subject of criticism for its allegedly weak non-conference game schedules. In particular, many have pointed out that the SEC tends to schedule games against weaker opponents, often from smaller conferences or lower divisions. Some have suggested that this is an intentional strategy to pad the SEC’s …

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The Over Inflated Strength of Schedule Rankings at the Start of the Season Gives the SEC an Unfair Advantage

The SEC college football teams are no strangers to controversy! The ongoing debate about whether they receive an unfair advantage at the start of the season is a hot topic among football enthusiasts. Some argue that the team rankings are inflated, giving the SEC teams an edge based on their strength of schedule. While others …

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College Football has Taken the Weather as a Factor out of the Sport

College football has long been a beloved American pastime, with millions of fans tuning in each year to watch their favorite teams battle it out on the field. However, one aspect of the game that has changed dramatically over the years is the impact of weather on gameplay. In the early days of college football, …

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The Bowl Championship Series Changed College Football by Favoring the Southeastern Conference

The Bowl Championship Series (BCS) was supposed to be the ultimate game-changer for college football, but it ended up sparking a fierce controversy due to its alleged bias towards the (SEC). As one of the most powerful conferences in college football, the SEC had already been dominating the sport for years, with multiple national championships …

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University of Michigan Football Should be a Strong Contender for the Big Ten

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The Wolverines have been a consistent contender in the Big Ten conference, and this year should be no different. With a strong defense and talented skill players on offense, they have the potential to win big games and make a run at a conference championship. However, they will face some tough opponents, including Ohio State, …

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Bridging the Gender Pay Gap in Soccer: The Case for Implementing a Flat 15% Revenue Share

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The issue of gender pay disparity in professional sports has ignited passionate debates and intense scrutiny in recent years. And one team that has been at the center of this discussion is the Women’s FIFA soccer team in America. While it is widely known that American women only receive 20% of the profit from their …

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Karl Te Nana and the Legendary New Zealand Sevens Rugby 1996 Walk of Champions

The New Zealand Sevens Rugby 1996 Walk of Champions is a legendary event that holds a significant place in the history of New Zealand rugby – a sport that’s almost like a religion for the Kiwis. While I couldn’t find specific details about Karl Te Nana’s participation in the Walk of Champions that year, I …

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Is it Fair for Transgender Athletes to be Competing in Women’s Sports?

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The issue of transgender biological males participating in women’s sports has ignited a heated debate in recent years. While some argue that inclusivity is paramount, others stress the significance of maintaining a fair playing field. The core concern lies in the physical differences between males and females. Biologically, males possess greater bone density, larger body …

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My Favorite Autograph

Not a Dude Swimwear

New High School Girls Wrestling Star

Ohio State Fan Rides Unicorn

Tennis Woman Apparently Knows You

Calling All Mediocre Males

Olympic Sailing Results

Female NFL Official Throws a Flag

Brittney Griner Signs Contract with Russia

When Athletes Take a Knee

Women’s NCAA Swimming Transgender Competitor

Women’s Boxing Heavyweight Champion

New WNBA Star to Replace Brittney Griner

Commemorative Beijing Olympics Currency

2022 Winter Olympics Hosted from Beijing, China

It’s been killing me that I’m so close to the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing and I can’t see anything in person because China has all the Olympic athletes in a bubble in order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  So I decided to drive over to the Olympic park to see how …

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North Korean Bobsled Concerns

How Xi Jinping Feels About Uyghurs

Beijing Winter Olympics Signs

Starting to see billboards, signs, and street paintings starting to show up for the Winter Olympics that will be held in Beijing starting February 4-20th.