Safari Speedup

Did you know that in OS X if you want Safari to load faster, there are a couple tricks you can do in order for Safari to speed up? The first thing you should do is empty your cache. You can do this by going to your preferences, choose Safari and then click on empty cache. The next thing you should do is clear your history. This can be accomplished by clicking on history in your menu selection and then choose the option at the bottom which is, clear history. One other thing you can do to speed up Safari is by turning off the auto fill option. In order to do this you go to preferences, and then select the auto fill pane. Once you are there you can ensure the user names and passwords or other forms, is unchecked. By doing these little steps you are ensuring Safari isnt storing data that you dont need it to and will speed up the loading process.

Reference: March 2006, Macworld Magazine page 52.

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