Recently Purchased iMac

Well, I finally broke down and bought an iMac. I decided to purchase it after my previous computer finally kicked the bucket. I was fed up with troubleshooting my computer at home so I decided to splurge and go ahead and buy the iMac. So far I like everything about it. The graphics are fantastic, the user friendliness is great. I think the only thing I’m having problems with right now is connecting it to my current wireless network. I know this is a configuration problem and I should have it sorted out shortly. Other than that, this Mac should last me a while and is so easy to use I don’t know why I didn”t buy one before. It was probably the price that kept me from buying one before. I’m looking forward to making new graphics for this website with the new iMac. Keep an eye out for new things being posted on the site. The sky is the limit of the possibilities.