Women’s Empowerment

I went hiking in Los Angeles and Adidas was sponsoring a women’s empowerment event.  I don’t know much about women’s empowerment, but from what I could see the majority of women were wearing yoga pants and they kept getting in lines after they made their Adidas purchase at these different stations.  The different stations would have different messages and have women do different things to try to gain a different perspective on life.  It kind of looked like a bunch of self esteem and make you feel good type of stuff, but more importantly it looked like a different way to sell shoes and make women feel good about themselves. I guess if that’s how you have to sell shoes, good on you for finding a different way, but I’m curious as to if they host men’s empowerment events like this. If they don’t that seems kind of sexist and that they are preying on a woman just so they can sell products.