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Happiest Day of Your Life

James Bond 007 Spy Car

Displayed near the front door of the International Spy museum in Washington D.C. is a James Bond 007 car. This sweet little sports car shows off the technology to help Bond evade some bad guys.

Summer Has Been Canceled

Embrace Your Mistakes

Donating Blood

Happy 4th of July American Independence Day

This year in recognition of the 4th of July, the day Americans celebrate when America got its independence from the British in 1776, I decided to simply post an image of the American flag that was displayed and waving so proudly at the United States Capitol Building.  Happy 4th of July fellow Americans.  Be safe, …

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Sights Around Lafayette Square

Walking around Lafayette Square in front of the White House here are a few of the things you can see. First you can see the front of the White House with the Washington Monument in the background. Next you can see an Equestrian statue of Andrew Jackson. The statue depicts Andrew Jackson, the general who …

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Cats Determine if Human is Alive

Dangerous Creature

Cute Nicknames

Grammar Correction

Gay Pride Bumper Sticker

Strange Way to Start a Conversation

Universal Studios Sound Stages

While taking the movie set tour at Universal Studios Hollywood we went past the sound stages. These are specially made big buildings that blockout outside noise so high quality sound can be recorded within. As you can see on the walls of the different building you can see some of the shows and movies being …

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25 Million Women Hair Appointment

Chasing People on a Bicycle

Is There Anything in My Teeth?

Morning Inspiration

Swim Up Bar

80% of Women Reading This

This May Not End Well

Go to the Bank Wearing a Mask

Protesting and Rioting Aftermath

Yesterday I was walking around Washington D.C. doing some sightseeing and I got to see firsthand the aftermath of the Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, No justice for George Floyd protests and riots. There were still people holding signs that said Black Lives Matter and they had all sorts of different statements. It made me think …

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Financial Survival

Will the dollar fall or not? Always remember: The key to financial survival is being a tight ass.

Lost Count of Days

Shakespeare’s Take on Women and Alcohol

Pull Up Your Pants

Only For Tonight

Hate It When That Happens

State Department 155th Foreign Service Specialist Coin