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Statue of Xuanzang in front of Giant Wild Goose Pagoda

Xuanzang was a buddhist monk that traveled from China to India to learn about Buddhism and he brought back and translated many buddhist teachings during the time of 629-645 of the current era. Here is a photo of the statue of Xuanzang in Xi’an, China in front of the Wild Goose Pagoda.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Goes Seasonal

Wiener Retriever

E.T. Sign at Universal Studios Hollywood

Near the parking lot of Universal Studios Hollywood there is an illuminated E.T. sign. There is also another sign that shows when the movie was made.

Back to the Future Part II Movie Set Tour in Hollywood

While taking the Universal Studios Hollywood movie set tour we passed the iconic Back to the Future Part II clock tower that was struck by lightening. There were some vehicles on display that were used in the movie. Then there was memorabilia that was for purchase that was signed by Michael J. Fox.

Walking on the Sidewalk in China Can Be Difficult

Walking down the sidewalk in China can be difficult. This is an actual photo of a sidewalk in Beijing. First off they use bricks which looks nice, but over time it becomes bumpy and uneven. Then they place as many obstacles in the path of the sidewalk as possible. This causes all sorts of hazards …

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Go Sleep on the Couch

George Lucas Won’t Respond to Question About Chewbacca

What State Assistance Really Gets Used For

Beef Jerky

Following Car Because of Bumper Sticker

If You Don’t See Dimples When She’s Apologizing

Drivers on Their Cellphones While Driving in China

While driving in China seeing drivers on their cell phones is an everyday occurrence and it is, not only annoying, but it is also unsafe. Drivers are bad enough, but also being on their phones while driving makes them a ticking time bomb for an accident.

When Guys See Women Do Yoga

Generous God

Earth Day 2022

Xi’an Power

Conveniently located between the Xi’an airport and the city of Xian itself is a power plant which supplies the city with electricity. When I look at this I wonder if it is a nuclear power plant. If it is, to me, it doesn’t make much sense to place it between the city and the airport …

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How to Write Thai

Women Who Wear Yoga Pants

When Your Husband is in the Navy

White Smoke From Wuhan Lab Signals New Variant

What Did the Easter Egg Say to the Boiling Water?

The Longer You Look the More Questions You Have About This Tattoo

Flight to Shanghai

On the flight to Shanghai here are some sights along the way.

Definition of Stupid

Yoga Class Makes One Feel Calm and Centered

Nobody Likes Working With You

Come to the Bedroom for a Surprise

Nazi Germany and Present Day Russian Markings

Russia is trying to claim Ukrainians are the Nazis.

Toll Roads Near Xi’an, China

Here are a couple toll roads near Xi’an. As you can see one looks traditional whereas the other looks more futuristic.