Janet Jackson is Welcomed on My T.V.

I’m still been hearing complaints of Janet Jackson revealing her breast on TV. during the super bowl halftime show. I’m sick of hearing complaining about this. There are too many shows on the air right now that show gays kissing, holding hands, and adopting children and nobody seems to complain about that, but as soon as Janet exposes a breast on TV. all hell breaks loose.’, ‘Only in America is showing breasts considered a bad thing. In Europe and Asia it’s on TV everywhere and nobody thinks anything of it, but in America that is considered unacceptable. Also, in America the producers are going overboard with politically correctness. For example the channel BET (Black Entertainment Television) is ok, but if there was a channel called WET (White Entertainment Television) that would be considered racist. Some shows currently showing gays that is 100% accepted are the famous “Queer eye for the straight guy?”, MTV’s Road Rules and Real World, Survivor with Richard Hatch, Rosie O’Donnell, and of course Ellen Degeneres, just to name a few.

I’m not saying I’m for anything or against it in anyway, but if you’re going to have channels and shows like these at least set some kind of standard and do it across the board. Also since when do people think it’s required to be identified by sexual origin? For example what did Rosie or Ellen gain by coming out of the closet? The point being, if you don’t want to be treated different then don’t identify yourself by sexual origin. I never hear anybody say, “Hi, I’m Suzie. I’m a heterosexual, but I’ve had homosexual experiences.” This is just a little food for thought, you can either take it or leave it. I just felt this excessive politically correctness on American Television needed to be identified and Janet can show her breasts on my TV anyday.

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