American T.V. Channels Suck

I was flipping through channels the other day and realized MTV really sucks. I thought the point of MTV was to play music. Hence the Music Television name. Anyway, MTV would be better off changing their name to “stupid programming and utterly retarded game shows?”.

I base this opinion from numerous things. For example what the hell does “Pimp my ride” have anything to do with music? Although it sometimes is funny, what does Viva la Bam have to do with music? The list can go on and on, but the point being if you’re going to say you are for music you should at least play some.

Don’t worry though, MTV is not the only channel on TV that sucks. VH1 joins the channel ban list. They used to be an acceptable alternative to MTV, but they recently have become boring to. Although some of the programming for VH1 actually has to deal with music or artists for example “I love the 80’s.” Even though it’s not the 80’s anymore this still has some credibility for at least going over artists and songs from the 80’s.

A few channels that actually support their name are the National Geographic channel, History channel, and the Discovery channel. These channels have great programming that uphold their ideals and their name.

The point I’m trying to get at is if you’re going to call yourself something you should at least stick to it and not be a rating whore. It’s because of too many rating whores out there that make TV crappy for you and me.

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