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Let Yourself Rest

Whoever is Trying to Bring You Down is Already Below You

5th Wave of COVID Shots

AAFES No Longer Carries Vaping Products for Health Concerns

My Mind Thinks I’m Still 25

Life is Like a Penis

Walking on the Sidewalk in China Can Be Difficult

Walking down the sidewalk in China can be difficult. This is an actual photo of a sidewalk in Beijing. First off they use bricks which looks nice, but over time it becomes bumpy and uneven. Then they place as many obstacles in the path of the sidewalk as possible. This causes all sorts of hazards …

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Generation Z is Offended

What State Assistance Really Gets Used For

Americans Want Regime Change More Than Russians Do

COVID Conspiracy Theorists

Seriousness of What Will Smith Reveals at the Oscars

Anyone who watched the Oscars in 2022 is fully aware of the “slap that was heard around the world” where Will Smith walked on stage and physically smacked Chris Rock for making a joke that he didn’t like. First and foremost this exposed our society where black on black violence occurs everyday and nobody did …

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Volodymyr Zelenskyy Demonstrates Leadership

Finally Quit Procrastinating and Learned Nothing

Shutting Down Oil Pipeline Hurts Economy

Putin and Zelenskyy Demonstrate the Difference Between a Boss and a Leader

Veteran’s vs Doctors on Caffeine

You Thought Smoking at the Pump was Risky

A Block of Cheese is a Loaf of Milk

Definition of Woke

When You Sleep in Ukraine and Wake up in Russia

Love is Finishing Each Other’s Sentences

Monica Lewinsky Sucked the Life out of Bill Clinton

How Xi Jinping Feels About Uyghurs

Omicron is an Anagram

Never Let the Government Take Your Guns

Always Give 100% at Work

Learned from Dogs

Why Are Married Women Heavier Than Single Women?

Dammit I’m Mad

I’m Not an Alcoholic, I’m a Ghostbuster