Matsumoto Castle, Japan

Went to Matsumoto castle today. This is a really cool castle because it lies in the heart of the city with a moat around it and from the castle you have a spectacular panoramic view of the city, the surrounding area, and the mountains. You can clearly understand why this location was chosen to put a castle. Another unique feature to this castle is that it has a moon room. This is where men would go to write poems to their women. This is one of my favorite castles because on the inside of this castle there is a hidden floor. This is where they would store gunpowder and goods like that. Also on the inside of this castle the staircases are at a low angle and not very steep, but the higher you go in the castle the steeper the stairs get and the further apart they become. This is to protect the dignitary from attack and make it more difficult for attackers to fight their way up each floor of the castle.


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