Thailand Crocodile Show

Today I went over to the Pattaya crocodile farm and watched a crocodile show. The only thing I can say is, “Holy Crap!” This guy climbed into a pit with a bunch of crocodiles. He then began to do things like open their mouths and stick his hand in it. Then he tapped their teeth with a stick and then this crazy bastard actually stuck his head in the crocodile’s mouth. Holy crap! I hope those crocs have already been fed. After he did that then he kept one of the crocodile’s mouth open and he took a run at the croc and slid to where his head was in the mouth. Holy Crap! After that he picked up a little croc and played it like a guitar. Holy Crap! It was exciting and definitely a good experience, however I wouldn’t want his job. He definitely earns his money doing shows like that. He is the 1st Thai Superman I have ever seen.