The University of Michigan Women’s Volleyball Upsets #10 Ranked University of Hawaii

This morning I was talking with a guy from work and he informed me that there is a season opening tournament for the University of Hawaii women’s volleyball. He also informed me that UH is playing the University of Michigan for their opening game. Once I heard that I knew I had to go to the game to support the University of Michigan. Prior to going to the game I looked up the rankings and statistics for both teams. The University of Hawaii is ranked #10 in the nation and the University of Michigan isn’t even ranked. The University of Michigan is ranked #6 in the Big Ten rankings. With that in mind I knew I still had to go support the University of Michigan because it will probably be the only Michigan team I will be able to cheer for this year in person.

I drove down to the Stan Sheriff Center at the University of Hawaii campus in Manoa. The 1st game of the night was Colorado State University against Oregon State University. This game went to 5 games and Oregon State University upset Colorado State University. After that game UH played UM. Out of the 7,343 people present at the stadium watching the games there was only about 20 or 25 that were there supporting the University of Michigan and I was one of them wearing my Michigan t-shirt and being surrounded by a bunch of fans from the University of Hawaii. Prior to the start of the game it looked like the University of Hawaii was pumped up and ready to play and the University of Michigan looked like they were just not as ready during warm-ups. Surprisingly the University of Michigan came out and won the 1st game 30 to 14. The 2nd game Michigan won as well 30 to 28. The 3rd game the University of Hawaii won 30 to 22. During the 4th game the University of Michigan was up by 5 point with a score of 27 to 22 and the University of Hawaii went on a run to win with a final score of 30 to 27. This game went into a 5th game to 15. This final game was real exciting because UH and UM kept switching the lead, but at the end the University of Michigan ended up upsetting the University of Hawaii with a final score of 18 to 16. It was really exciting and well worth it to go support the University of Michigan and watch the games. If you ever get a chance to go, I recommend trying the garlic fries while watching the games. The fries are killer.

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