University of Southern California football vs the University of Hawaii

Saturday was the football game where the number 1 University of Southern California played the University of Hawaii. It was well known that the game was not going to be close and that was predicted by a 35 point spread for those gambling people. USC had most of their returning players, while the UH football team lost 30 of it”s players last year. UH did however pick up Jerry Glandville to compliment June Jones coaching.’, ‘The disappointing factor of this game was that there seemed to be no overwhelming dominance by USC. Granted USC scored 63 points by the end of the game, but the spark of excitement in the Aloha stadium just seemed to be lacking. An estimated total of 15,000 USC fans attended the game and the game was televised. The overwhelming size difference between the USC and UH players was definitely a big factor.

All in all the game was fun to go tailgate and watch, but there just seemed to be some lacking excitement. That was probably due to Hawaii knowing they were defeated prior to opening kickoff.

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