Information Systems Within Business

The purpose of this document is to provide an increased or basic knowledge of businesses and types of employees within business. Also included within this document are types of information systems within a business. Finally a determination is made if the employee’s position could be replaced by an information system.


Within many aspects of today’s business there is a need for information technology and information systems. The evolution of this technology has made many businesses operate faster and more efficient. Information systems have play a vital role in making business operations run more efficient, not only for the business, but also in accommodating the customer. In some aspects of business, information’s systems have replaced human positions in which people assisted the customer. The evolution of technology both benefits many companies and customers by allowing the business to operate more smooth and efficiently.

Within the airline industry, United Airlines has utilized information systems to aid many of their positions. A few positions that utilize information systems are: service desk clerks, baggage personnel, and even weather personnel. Service desk clerks utilize information systems by inputting customer data into the information system and also querying the information system to ensure seats on an airplane and also flights are available when the customer needs them (, 1999). Once information is inputted into the information system, customers are able to utilize the World Wide Web to query information within the information system. A good example of this is by a customer using the Internet to check how many frequent flier miles they may have on the airline’s website. Even though information systems have made service desk clerks jobs easier, I do not believe the information system could possibly replace the customer service representatives position because the customer service representative needs to address every individuals needs on a case by case basic in order to best assist the customer. Baggage personnel are other employee’s within the airline, which use the information system. When a customer checks in for a flight they check their baggage and their baggage is inputted into the information system. The baggage personnel use the information system to route the baggage to the correct flight or they even query the information system in the event of a lost baggage to track the bag and reroute it to the correct destination (Nice). Baggage personnel also cannot be replaced by the information system because they are still needed to physically carry the baggage and load it onto the aircraft. Weather personnel not only use information systems, but their jobs depend on the information system heavily. Weather personnel are able to receive feeds from multiple sources to verify the most ideal path of travel for a particular aircraft, then they relay this information to pilots for planning the best route of travel. Although the information system plays a major role in weather personnel’s jobs, I do not believe a weather person will be able to be completely replaced by the information system because in the event of an emergency the weather personnel have to be able to follow contingency operations to direct the pilot accordingly in order to safely operate the aircraft.

In conclusion, information system play a vital role in many businesses, however there are still positions that information systems still cannot completely replace. Information systems make many personnel’s jobs easier and they pass information onto both employee’s and customer’s, but the information systems are not intelligent enough to perform actions that people can perform.


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