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Obedience School Comic

Hilton Hotel in Xi’an China

Here are some photos of the Hilton hotel in Xi’an, China. It’s a very nice hotel with a friendly staff and lots of historic artwork.

Got Her the Perfect Gift

POTUS Amber Alert

Children Safe from Joe Biden

Some People Drain the Nice Right Out of You

Lift People Up

Found Out About Half-Sister

Embassy of the United States in Beijing, China

Brittney Griner Signs Contract with Russia

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Buy Gas by Showing Voter Registration

Granny Clampett Had a Son She Left in Kentucky

Remember When Colonists Registered Their Muskets

Lost a Finger

Meanwhile at Martha’s Vineyard

Driving Slow in the Passing Lane

Flying Over and Landing in Frankfurt Germany

Here are some photos flying over Germany and landing in Frankfurt. The photo of the river is of the Rhine River.

Joe Biden Portraying Doc Holliday

Insecurities Are Loud

Everything Happens for a Reason

Coming to the Barbecue

Sprayed Febreeze in my Bathroom

Something You Probably Didn’t Notice as a Child About Popular Board Game Candyland

The Difference Between a Crow and a Raven

When Athletes Take a Knee

Two Types of Women

When You Wake Up and It’s Still Not Winter

When You Work at Walmart After Getting out of the Navy

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