September 2004 archive

What does a college degree do for you?

Typically after high school, everybody has aspirations of furthering their education by going to college. What does an associate’s degree really do for you though? It was this question that intrigued me to start asking business professionals who have already attained their degree what it actually did for them. The common response I got back …

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Despite the Score the Washington Redskins Beat the Dallas Cowboys

I don”t care what that final score was, the Washington Redskins beat the Dallas Cowboys. I”ll do a little recap for you. The first quarter (to set up Dallas”s first touchdown) Washington was called for a pass interference which was clearly offensive pass interference on Dallas. The Dallas receiver pushed the Washington cornerback down. That”s …

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Is Reverse Racism Culturally Accepted?

The subject of the “race card” has been way over played time and time again. Its probably because everybody is sick of hearing about how 20 year old punk kids were repressed for so many years simply because they were black. As well all know, that’s bullshit! That is just an angle that people know …

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Is Your Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

Have you ever heard somebody say, “Is your glass half full or half empty?” I was in Okinawa in 2000, when I went to Airman Leadership School. It was a management school for the United States Air Force. The school seemed like a bunch of propaganda to “re-blue” you for the Air Force. In other …

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Redskins Downed by the Giants

On Sunday the Washington Redskins were defeated by the New York Giants 20 – 14. During this game Mark Brunell left the game with a pulled muscle and throwing 1 interception. Then the infamous Patrick Ramsey stepped into the game and threw 3 more interceptions. All in all the Redskins had 7 turnovers. That is …

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Redskins Down the Buccaneers

The Washington Redskins downed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 16 to 10 in season opener. During this game Clinton Portis rushed for 148 yards to include a 64 yard touchdown on his first carry. Tampa Bay scored their only touchdown off a fumble from a sloppy handoff between Mark Brunell and Clinton Portis. All in all …

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Insomnia Problem Solved

I figured out how to solve the problem of not being able to sleep. I”ve learned that if I drink a glass of milk it makes me tired so I have an easier time falling asleep. That means no more sleeping pills. I guess dairy products help make you relax. Either way, problem solved.

Apple releases the G5 iMac

Apple has really done it this time by releasing the new iMac with the G5 processor. This computer packs a lot of punch all into one little sleek design. I really like this design because it saves a whole lot of space, but the shear power of this computer is mind blowing. From what I’ve …

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