November 2020 archive

Two Types of People Who Marry

If Women Watched Cooking Shows the Way Men Watch Football

ZZ Stop

Can I Take Your Order?

Temperature on Thanksgiving

Bigger Turkey

The Minivan

Gary Busey Demonstrates A Day of Work

Grocery Shopping in China

I went grocery shopping in Beijing to buy some food and to see what types of food Chinese might have that we don’t have in the United States. It was interesting to see the wine selection with baskets with fruit below the wine, however much to my surprise there were all sorts of things that …

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Joe Biden’s 5 Year Plan

Joe Biden Says Any Country That Interferes With Our Election Will Pay

Vitamin for the Soul

Prostitution in China

In China prostitution is considered a highly despicable act and therefore prostitutes resort to underground methods to prevent being caught. Instead of handing out fliers you can find business cards stuck to the sidewalks to make it not very obvious for patrons to find their contact information. Here is a photo of one of those …

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Weird Statue in Beijing

I came across this funny statue in Beijing so I took a photo of it. After looking at it I can’t quite figure out what it is supposed to be. The face looks almost like an unhappy alien, but it’s wearing a Speedo and has what looks like a deer antler hat on and I’m …

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Change is in the Autumn Air

When Grandma Makes Pandemic Masks

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on Porn Hub

How Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Deal With Kids

Sean Connery Has a Message for Alex Trebek

Wyatt Earp’s House in Tombstone, Arizona

When going into Tombstone, Arizona near the Boothill graveyard is the former house of Wyatt Earp.

Republican Riot

Call a Doctor for Long Lasting Election

Cats Can’t Spread the COVID-19 Coronavirus

Listen to Experts and Wear Protective Gear

Quarantine Haircuts

Way Back in 2019 B.C. (Before Coronavirus)

Blindness Cure

Wear One For Others

Nobody Cares About Your Protest

Trump 2020 Keep America Great

Joe Biden Makes Zero Cents