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Following Car Because of Bumper Sticker

If You Don’t See Dimples When She’s Apologizing

Drivers on Their Cellphones While Driving in China

While driving in China seeing drivers on their cell phones is an everyday occurrence and it is, not only annoying, but it is also unsafe. Drivers are bad enough, but also being on their phones while driving makes them a ticking time bomb for an accident.

Beverley Hills Cops Aren’t Racist

When Guys See Women Do Yoga

Japan Warns Russia Not to Bomb America

Generous God

Best Beer Mug

Earth Day 2022

Xi’an Power

Conveniently located between the Xi’an airport and the city of Xian itself is a power plant which supplies the city with electricity. When I look at this I wonder if it is a nuclear power plant. If it is, to me, it doesn’t make much sense to place it between the city and the airport …

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How to Write Thai

Women Who Wear Yoga Pants

Russian Operation Control Z

When Your Husband is in the Navy

Russian Ship Becomes Submarine

White Smoke From Wuhan Lab Signals New Variant

What Did the Easter Egg Say to the Boiling Water?

The Longer You Look the More Questions You Have About This Tattoo

Payday Candy Changes Name

Flight to Shanghai

On the flight to Shanghai here are some sights along the way.

Definition of Stupid

Yoga Class Makes One Feel Calm and Centered

Nobody Likes Working With You

Funny Headstone

Come to the Bedroom for a Surprise

Nazi Germany and Present Day Russian Markings

Russia is trying to claim Ukrainians are the Nazis.

Shih Tzu vs Shit Zoo

Toll Roads Near Xi’an, China

Here are a couple toll roads near Xi’an. As you can see one looks traditional whereas the other looks more futuristic.

Airplane Baggage Weight Rule

Americans Want Regime Change More Than Russians Do

When You’re Gone and They Still Put You on the Duty Roster