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Military Halloween Costume

Venetian Mask

Walking by a store in New Zealand I saw this mask in the window and thought it looks pretty neat.

Mahatma Gandhi Statue

In the heart of the capital of New Zealand is a statue of Mahatma Gandhi.

New Zealand Has Crosswalk Signs That Look Like Mary Poppins

a close up of a traffic light on a pole

Crossing the street in New Zealand I saw this light that had an image of a woman that looks like Mary Poppins.

Things to See Around Xi’an Marketplace

Walking around Xi’an I came across this marketplace. This place had it all. There was food, candy, restaurants, beverages, interesting architecture, fountains, shows, and a lot of friendly people to meet.

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Huayu Alley in Xi’an, China

a sign hanging from a tree

Here is a small alley in Xi’an that had some interesting painting on the wall and cool looking tiles on the wall. There was also Chinese lanterns in the trees.

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Tried Peking Duck for the First Time

“When in Rome do as the Romans do,” as they say. While in Beijing I had to give Peking duck a try to experience the local cuisine. The food was delicious. It was a little bit greasy, but that’s due to fat on the duck. They gave you sauces and vegetables you can try and …

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Shopping in Xi’an

No matter if you are shopping for food, drink, snacks, or even souvenirs in Xi’an, China there are all sorts of stores for you. Here are some of the sights of stores and products you could buy.

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