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Man Sues McDonald’s for Still Being Depressed After Eating Happy Meal

Must Be Cold in That Fridge

If She Pulls a Knife During an Argument Counter with This

McDonald’s Staff Making Filet-o-Fish

Generation Grew Up With Keg Parties

Added Some Clothes to the Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving Cameltoe

Bring Cold Wildlife Indoors to Warm Up

Life is Like a Corn Dog

Things to See Around Xi’an Marketplace

Walking around Xi’an I came across this marketplace. This place had it all. There was food, candy, restaurants, beverages, interesting architecture, fountains, shows, and a lot of friendly people to meet.

Tried Peking Duck for the First Time

“When in Rome do as the Romans do,” as they say. While in Beijing I had to give Peking duck a try to experience the local cuisine. The food was delicious. It was a little bit greasy, but that’s due to fat on the duck. They gave you sauces and vegetables you can try and …

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No Drinking Before Five O’Clock

Hooters Missed Business Oppertunity

Shopping in Xi’an

No matter if you are shopping for food, drink, snacks, or even souvenirs in Xi’an, China there are all sorts of stores for you. Here are some of the sights of stores and products you could buy.

Coming to the Barbecue

Learned to Make Coffee in the Navy

Mosquito Trap

First Time Eating a Chinese Hamburger in Xi’an

Tried a Chinese hamburger at a local place in Xi’an. The owner wanted to film me taking a bite so she can post it to Chinese media. I’m a picky eater so that is always a scary thing to do, but as it turned out this was actually pretty good.

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Fake Fare Market Comic

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