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Halloween Decorations

When Kids Are Asked, “What Scares You the Most?”

The Devil Whispered in My Ear

Silence of the Lambs Cat

When She Asks if You Like Smashing Pumpkins

Look at all Those Pumpkins

a person standing in front of a fruit stand

Prank Backfired With a Result of a Creepy Cat

In Memory of Thomas Clark and Robert Finley

One hundred forty years ago was the shootout at the OK corral in Tombstone, Arizona. This plaque is dedicated in memory of Thomas Clark and Robert Finley by the McLaury family & friends.

At the Corner of London and France

The Truth About Vending Machines

Brian Laundrie Giving Walmart Advice

Guns Don’t Kill People, Alec Baldwin Kills People

After Mishap on Movie Set Alec Baldwin Gets a New Tattoo

You Better Be Shooting Blanks

The Great Wall of China Near Jinshanling

This was my first trip to the Great Wall of China. I decided I was going to take as many photos as I could because I don’t know if I’ll ever be back. These photos were taken in Jinshanling near the Zhuanduo Pass. I took a few panoramic views of the area and here they …

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The Four Languages I Speak

Joe Biden Quote on a T-shirt

How to Avoid Hitting Your Thumb With a Hammer

Pikachu T-shirt

Joe Biden’s Greatest Accomplishment

When You’re Dead Inside and You See a Good Meme

What American Farmers Think About Joe Biden

Joe Biden Corn Maze

What George Washington Thinks About Joe Biden

The Bose Noise Cancelling Toilet

How Joe Biden Has Handled the COVID-19 Vaccines

The New Outdoor Seatbelt is Now Available

Why You Shouldn’t Wait Until Retirement to Travel

Meijer is Selling Bananas that are Ribbed for Her Pleasure

Me Trying to Jump Over Life Obstacles

The Eyes of Girls From Around the World