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Something You Probably Didn’t Notice as a Child About Popular Board Game Candyland

Gameshow Participant used a Lifeline for this Question

Nirvana Singing Come As You Are

E.T. Sign at Universal Studios Hollywood

Near the parking lot of Universal Studios Hollywood there is an illuminated E.T. sign. There is also another sign that shows when the movie was made.

My Girl Report Card Results

Back to the Future Part II Movie Set Tour in Hollywood

While taking the Universal Studios Hollywood movie set tour we passed the iconic Back to the Future Part II clock tower that was struck by lightening. There were some vehicles on display that were used in the movie. Then there was memorabilia that was for purchase that was signed by Michael J. Fox.

Edward Scissoring Hands

George Lucas Won’t Respond to Question About Chewbacca

Seriousness of What Will Smith Reveals at the Oscars

Anyone who watched the Oscars in 2022 is fully aware of the “slap that was heard around the world” where Will Smith walked on stage and physically smacked Chris Rock for making a joke that he didn’t like. First and foremost this exposed our society where black on black violence occurs everyday and nobody did …

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Slap Heard in Other Universes

Will Smith Multiverse Slap

The Fresh Prince of No Hair

Will Smith Smacks Chris Rock at the Oscars

Billie Ray Eilish

Classic Versus Modern Manure Spreader

Jack’s Real Drawings in the Movie Titanic

Never Travel With Tom Hanks

Jussie Smollett Gives Advice About Making Mistakes

Pickup Line at the Club

Aladdin Taught Me That Good Things Happen

A Christmas Story Triple Dog Dare Tongue Pole

Rappers Are Doing the Wrong Drugs

If Brains Were Gasoline Biden Wouldn’t Go Far