June 2022 archive

First Time Eating a Chinese Hamburger in Xi’an

Tried a Chinese hamburger at a local place in Xi’an. The owner wanted to film me taking a bite so she can post it to Chinese media. I’m a picky eater so that is always a scary thing to do, but as it turned out this was actually pretty good.

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Statue of Xuanzang in front of Giant Wild Goose Pagoda

Xuanzang was a buddhist monk that traveled from China to India to learn about Buddhism and he brought back and translated many buddhist teachings during the time of 629-645 of the current era. Here is a photo of the statue of Xuanzang in Xi’an, China in front of the Wild Goose Pagoda.

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E.T. Sign at Universal Studios Hollywood

Near the parking lot of Universal Studios Hollywood there is an illuminated E.T. sign. There is also another sign that shows when the movie was made.

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