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Grandpa Smells Like Piss

The Military is Not Hard not he Body at All

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Every Dead Body on Mount Everest was Once a Highly Motivated Person

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Safety First Sign Interpretation

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Lessons Learned from Gaming

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Such a Nice Stranded Man Comic

Dodge Ball

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Distress Message Stranded on Island

Dreaming I was at Walmart

Weekend Liberty Brief

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When a Girls Asks What You Are Looking For in a Relationship

San Francisco Where Dogs Step in Human Poop

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Learn to Ride a Bike

Veteran Affairs Comic

When Someone Tells Me I’m the Biggest A**hole They Ever Met

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Quit Looking at Medusa’s Chest

Impressive Cable Management

When Men Reach a Certain Age

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My Work is Done Here

Love is a Battlefield

Life Has Never Given Me Lemons

Wrong Wednesday

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A Blue Whale’s Anus Can Stretch Up to 3 1/2 Feet


Yoda Talks to Joe Biden

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Greta Thunberg Recommends a Cucumber

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Greta Thunberg Doesn’t Use Plastic Condoms