January 2023 archive

To Err is Human, to Arr is Pirate

a close up of a sign

You Can’t Spell Hero Without He or Her

Joe Biden Keeps Classified Documents as Secure as the Border

Humor Makes You More Attractive

The Irony of Getting Pregnant

The Delorean Must Be the Least Used Car Ever

Sights Around the Simpsons Land in Universal Studios Hollywood

Here are some different sights you can see walking around the Simpson’s area of Universal Studios Hollywood.

Man Sues McDonald’s for Still Being Depressed After Eating Happy Meal

Honked at the Car in Front and an Angry Alpaca Looked Back at Me

Army National Guard Base Fort Pickett

Must Be Cold in That Fridge

Parking Space and Classified Document Space in Biden’s Garage

Doesn’t That Hurt When You Walk?

Platform Nine and Three Fourths from the Movie Harry Potter

Joe Biden Checks Out All the Classified

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The Look My Cat Gives Me When I Clean My Room

Joe Biden Angry with Hunter Biden for not Cleaning Garage

I am Studying, but the “Stu” is Silent

Where to Store Classified Documents Training

In Honor of Martin Luther King Day

If She Pulls a Knife During an Argument Counter with This

Asked My Wife if I’m the Only One

Never Lose Your Glasses Again

Sand Dollar Found on the Beach in New Zealand

Walking down the beach I found a sand dollar laying there so I took a couple photos and put it back.

Psychologist: All Dreams Have Meaning

Therapy Dog Reaction After I Tell My Problems

Military Veteran Parking

Wife Dresses After Adjusting the Temperature One Degree

Ford Owners Have Way Too Much Practice

Tactical Tint Works Magic

Spread Legs Not Hate