Thai Food – Neung Kapow


My favorite Thai food is a dish called, “Neung Kapow.” This is a very common dish that can be found all throughout Thailand. The dish is made with beef, basil, oyster sauce, fish sauce, chili peppers and it is put on top of rice. The first place I ever had this dish was in Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat), Thailand in 2000. Some places I’ve seen where they call it “Pad Kapow,” but usually they will throw a cooked egg on top of it. I don’t like that. I have also seen where, depending on the location, they will throw chopped up green beans or onions in it. No matter where it is being made each area has it own unique twist to it, but the it is relatively the same dish. I found a Thai restaurant in Japan that makes this dish and it tastes very good. Sometimes in Japan you need to be careful because they will take a Thai dish and change it to the tastes of Japan so it is kind of a fusion dish. I don’t like that at all. Keep Thai food, Thai food. At the location in Japan I would buy oyster sauce and order the dish. Here are a couple photos of what the food looks like and this is a good brand of the oyster sauce.

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