The 90th Academy Awards the 2018 Oscars

The Oscars are a prestigious awards show that is usually hosted in the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, California where awards are given to candidates who did their job well either technically, artistically, or otherwise. In recent years we have seen where the Oscars have become more politically charged to push the liberal agenda or attempt to get people talking about hot issues or against a political candidate or political party. This year one of the hottest issues is gun violence and people will wear orange pins to show support for this issue. This shouldn’t even be a topic this year because American gun rights are protected by the constitution of the United States, however what The Academy, Hollywood, actors, and actresses should be talking about are such topics as abuse of power, sexual misconduct, equal pay for women, California not being a sanctuary state, or even smaller issues like homelessness or infrastructure improvements in not only Los Angeles, but in California as whole. You would think with all the like using the publicity, fame, and billions upon billions of dollars that the movie industry brings in that Los Angeles wouldn’t look like such a run down city with major homeless issues. Hollywood should be also talking about issues like boarder security, narcotics use within their industry, and sexual abuse, rape, workplace ethics. This is an industry that takes, takes, takes, from the American people, but doesn’t want to give back to help make America great again. Until something changes within the industry it is sad to see people of fame and power covet a small pyrite statue.

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