Guangzhou Airport Military Property Sign

While walking through the Guangzhou airport in China I happened to notice this sign. So I quickly snapped a photo of it and then translated it to find out it said, “Military Property.” That kind of explains why there were cameras around this area. Hopefully nobody will come looking for me.

Better to be an Old Fart

Presidential Debate Drinking Game


Mask or No Mask Comic

Paperwork Entering the Military vs Exiting

Answer the Question

Warning: Pink Snapper

Quote from New York Times Interview with Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Welcome to Guam

Traveled through the airport in Guam and while walking through I saw this Guam culture center.

Looking out the window of the Guam airport you can see a K-mart and a cliff near the ocean.

Eureka Moment 2020

Trump Supreme Court Nomination to Replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg

The world we live in today.

Official Flag of 2020

Look Here Chair Force, I’m a Marine

Flying Saucer Spotted

If All the Different Spellings of Ashley was a Picture

A Dog’s Intuition About Biden

Nature Awareness

How good are your eyes? Do you see the snake?

Great Animal Escapes

Red Foreman for President

Income Inequality

Chart Disputing the Claim That Nazi is Right-Wing

Come to California

Building is on Fire Which Two Would You Choose

Navy Submarine is Full of Gayness

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris 2020 Campaign Slogan

Early Navigation Map

At the Smithsonian Museum of Air and Space in Washington, D.C. there is a this early navigation map that leads into the exhibit about navigation and using Global Positioning for navigation.  I really enjoy looking at old maps to see how the creator perceived the area  in which they were mapping to see the difference to what it actually is.

Difference Between Having a Brother or Sister

How to Start a Fight

For a Good Time Call Kamala Harris

Batman and Robin in 2020