Best Wednesday Ever!

This morning I was driving to work and listening to The Show on Rock 105.3 FM. One of the topics that was being talked about was the California sever drought going on right now. I attempted to call into the Show and all I kept getting was a busy signal. So I decided to write an e-mail to share my comments and I sent it to Eddie, Sky, Ashlee, and Thor from the show. Here is my e-mail and what I wrote,

I tried calling, however I keep getting the busy signal. It is a fact that all streams and rivers eventually lead to the ocean. Us, as humans, are consuming the water faster than the water cycle is putting it back into the ground. Our only options are to either slow it down before it gets to the ocean, ie. dams, levies, etc. or reclaim the water back from the ocean ie. desalinization. It is really difficult to take the water issue seriously when everyday I drive past ocean beach on my way to work and I see the San Diego river right there and I don’t see any dam stopping the water. That is a huge freshwater source right there. That is not the only river. Up near Del Mar fairgrounds there is the San Dieguito river. They don’t even need to spend millions of dollars building a concrete dam like you would see on the Hoover dam. Just use the same techniques as they used in Dubai and suck dirt off the bottom of the ocean and let it build up to create a dam. These are not difficult concepts and when I see the state of California choosing to do nothing and to tell me to take shorter showers, don’t wash my car, don’t water plants, etc. I just can’t take them seriously. It’s ridiculous.

Thanks for listening to me and I’ll keep doing the same to you.

Not too long after I sent my e-mail in, I got a response back from Thor that said, “Hey I’m right there with ya Dave!”

I couldn’t believe it. I really didn’t expect them to write me back. After all, who am I? A little while longer I got an e-mail from Ashlee that said, “So crazy! Ugh. Just unreal!”

Holy crap! I really couldn’t believe it. Now Ashlee just replied back to me? I had to reply back to her and tell her how much I enjoy the show. So I tried to be cool and I just replied back and said, “Wow! Thanks for replying back. Love you on The Show. You’re the greatest. Mad love.”

Would you believe that she replied back to me again? I certainly wouldn’t have believed it and I’m still in shock. She actually replied back again and said, “aw thank you! Mad love right back at ya;))))”

At this point I couldn’t keep my cool. I’m so excited that I replied back one last time and said, “You’re the greatest! Thank you for making this the best Wednesday ever!!!!!!!”

Well, this event just boosted my spirits and because of my lack of knowledge of big events that have taken place on Wednesday, this is my personal best Wednesday ever! I’ve got to get back to work, but I’m definitely a lot happier. Rock 105.3 FM rocks!

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