Business Trip

I recently have arrived home from a business trip. This trip was to Seattle. The area around Seattle was nice. The forests were gorgeous, but the weather was a little too cold for me. Also it was cloudy all the time there. Other than that the business trip was a success. Other business associates and I went out to eat and drink. Everybody was older and I was the youngest one. This crowd was cool, but it seemed as though we didn’t have the same interests. So I did what I thought was best when a situation like this comes up. I drank to get drunk. They ended up taking me back to my hotel. I fell asleep for a few hours and my drunken state wore off. I decided to pack my bag so I would be ready to catch my flight. When I looked at my itinerary I thought it said my plane was leaving at 11 AM. So I sat up watching stupid tv shows all night. About 6 AM rolled around I decided to check my ticket again to see what flight I was supposed to be on. When I looked again in my sober state I noticed that my plane was supposed to leave at 8:40 AM. Being that you are supposed to be to the airport 2 hours before the flight I had to motor to get to the airport. I quickly grabbed all my belongings and went to check out of the hotel. After checking out I hopped into my Pontiac Sunfire rental car and started driving to the airport. The thing I noticed about traffic in Seattle is everybody drives so slow. I ended up making it to the airport by 7 AM and I checked in. My next step was to make it through the security check. This took about 50 minutes to get through the damn line. Finally I was through and made it to my plane in time. That was a close one. Next time I will not wait until I am drunk to check my tickets to wait to see when I leave. All in all this was a very successful business trip.

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