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Wrenching the Night: Foo Fighters Tighten the Groove with ‘Monkey Wrench’ in Wellington Spectacle

Percussive Powerhouse: Foo Fighters Unleash Drum Dynamo Josh Freese, Setting the Stage Ablaze

Strumming the Beat: Foo Fighters Unveil Rhythm Guitar Maestro Pat Smear to Electrify the Stage

Organic Brilliance: Foo Fighters Introduce Rami Jaffee, Elevating the Sound at Center Stage

Strings of Power: Foo Fighters Unleash Guitar Virtuosity with Chris Shiflett’s Command

Timeless Energy: Foo Fighters Illuminate Sky Stadium with ‘Times Like These’ Performance in Wellington

The Breeders Unleash ‘Cannonball’ in a Night to Remember in Wellington

Canberra Diplomatic Courier Hub Coin

I have a friend who is a diplomatic courier and he showed me this coin he designed. It’s pretty darn cool.

Guns N’ Roses Sing Civil War Live in Wellington

Guns N’ Roses put on an incredible show and I’m so glad I was able to witness it. The energy in the stadium was electric and the band was on fire. They played some of their classic hits and the crowd was singing and dancing along to every song. When they started playing “Civil War”, …

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Guns N’ Rose Live in Wellington – Knocking on Heaven’s Door

Why is Australian Sand Soccer so Popular?

When the NFL began all the dancing in the end zone and then decided that kneeling for the National Anthem was OK, I decided that I was thru watching NFL Football. I began looking for another sport to replace my Sunday entertainment interests. I had settled on Beach Volleyball which I found interesting but the …

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