Chatting on Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

I used to chat on #worldchat on efnet, but it seems the politics of who controls a room really made this room go downhill. I would basically use IRC as a reference tool and I met some real cool people on there who taught me lots of things. It’s always hard to see a change for the worse, but it’s harder when you lose contact with the people who taught you so much. I once heard a saying that later was added to words of a Megadeth song. The quote was, “Moving on is a simple thing, but what it leaves behind is hard?”. I guess that is the case here. This quote seems to apply to a lot of things in life. Sometimes it makes you take a step back and think if the decisions you make are the right ones. Anyway if anybody in which I used to chat with gets this message, don’t be shy shoot a message sometime.