Kaneohe BayFest 2008 – 3 Doors Down

This year for BayFest 2008 some of the bands playing are 3 Doors Down, Live, Everclear, and some country singer. It’s not everyday that a southern rock band comes to Hawaii so it’s a great chance to go check out some real music, as opposed to this local style music, and rock things out a little bit. In the past BayFest has had some pretty good bands like, Staind, Lynard Skynard, and others.

3 Doors down sparked my interest, so I went and checked them out today. I took some photos and short videos. My photos didn’t turn out very clear, but the video turned out ok. 3 Doors Down played some old, familiar, and some new songs off their new album. It was cool to get out and check the band out, but one thing that surprised me is that the lead singer and one guitarist were the only two people who actually moved around the stage. The other guys kind of just stood back and played the music. I thought that was kind of disappointing because I was expecting this band to be more lively and exciting. It was a pretty cool concert and finished off with some cool fireworks, so there are definitely no complaints here.


Watch the video:3 Doors Down – Kaneohe BayFest 2008

Watch the video:It’s Not My Time – 3 Doors Down – Kaneohe BayFest 2008