Orion Beer Towel

I received an Orion Beer towel as a gift. The towel is awesome because, not only does it have a cool design with beer and a whale shark, but it is also a reminder of the time I spent in Okinawa. I don’t exactly remember the whole story from when I went and visited the Orion beer company in Nago, Okinawa. The main part of the story of how Okinawa became popular was back when mainland Japan took over Okinawa the mainland Japanese told the Okinawan’s that they were to buy and drink the Japanese beer. The Okinawan’s made their own beer and boycotted the mainland beer and thus was the Orion beer story. Every year they celebrate and host eisa festivals with singing, dancing, food tents, and also Orion beer tents. Orion beer was the first beer that I actually enjoyed drinking and I really enjoyed the festivals. Kampai!

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