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Eskan Village Bazaar

Periodically there would be a bazaar at Eskan Village in Saudi Arabia where some local vendors would be able to come onto the military installation and sell their products. Here are some photos from one of those events.

Thanksgiving at Eskan Village

Have you ever contemplated the experience of U.S. service members deployed abroad during the holiday season? Such contemplation brings to light the Thanksgiving observance at Eskan Village, situated 22 miles outside Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in the aftermath of the September 11th terrorist attacks. Ironically, the sole genuine turkey present was a mere display piece, with …

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Sights Around Eskan Village

Here are some different things that can be seen around Eskan Village, Saudi Arabia.

Welcome to Eskan Village Saudi Arabia

I was sent on temporary duty to Eskan Village in Saudi Arabia. Eskan is located 22 miles southeast of Riyadh and it was originally built for the bedouin in 1983, however when the Saudi government built the village they did not accommodate the livestock so the bedouin’s turned down the use of the buildings. In …

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