Thawte Notary 10 Points

Today I took the train for about an hour and stopped at Kawasaki to meet a Japanese guy who worked at IBM. We filled out the necessary forms right there in the train station and then I had to fight rush hour traffic for an hour to get back home. That was my first time to Kawasaki and it was neat to meet another person with the same interests, but our conversation did not get too deep because he didn’t speak English and my Japanese speaking abilities doesn’t really get into technical words. It was an experience and now I’ve only got 90 more points to go in order to become a notary myself. Along the train ride I passed a place Shitte, I can’t say that I would want to live in Shitte town. Below is a photo of that. The second photo is inside Kawasaki train station. As you can see, it was pretty busy.


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